Hey there! My name is Raphaëlle and I’m an elopement and intimate wedding photographer from Quebec with a love for adventure and a passion for capturing timeless imagery of couples in love. 

I’m up for all kinds of weddings, but my stand-out favorites are the ones that ditch tradition and lead you into the wild. I find that being surrounded by the power and beauty of nature frees us to explore our emotions in a more authentic way. If you take away distraction, all that’s left is the beautiful connection of two lovers promising themselves to one another in an epic celebration of their bond. To me, that’s rock and roll - and I’ll never tire of celebrating this kind of raw bravery. 

I always go the extra mile for my clients, covering your whole journey with zero limitations. Your wedding is all about the love that you two share, so this is what should be reflected in your images - all I need to do is give you the right space in which to express it!

Why does your wedding adventure mean so much to me? 

Allow me to explain with a little personal story...

My grandfather was a scientist, so he and my grandma traveled a lot during the early years of their marriage. A few years ago, I was going through boxes of old pictures at their house when I stumbled across an absolute gem. My favorite photo of them EVER. This particular shot was snapped during a field trip in Eastern Europe. They were visiting a zoo and posing next to a bear who was casually perched on a wooden stool.

And that’s when it hit me. 

I knew so little about these two amazing humans. They had already lived a whole life that they never really spoke about. A life full of incredible adventures, experiences and encounters. Things I would never know to ask about had I not taken the time to look through those boxes...

Photographs are magic. They allow people to connect with one another on an intimate level, offering us a new way to know our family and loved ones. They offer a glimpse of an eternal moment, a story held in time and told forever, yours to pass on through generations. A precious heirloom.

You deserve photos with this same wild and beautiful spirit. 

Black and white portrait of the photographer Raphaelle Granger taken in Iceland

I love


Raspberries, stationary, sunny days, Black Sabbath, my trusty orange beanie, camping, all of the carbs, the sound of rain, mountains, the smell of old books.


My old beagle, the aurora borealis, my 35mm camera, adventures, cozy spaces, road trips, the smell of the ocean, processing photos in a darkroom, coffee, black and white photography, my pony Alistair (a total weirdo), treasure hunts.

More than beans and rice

My people...the couples I work with. Capturing adventures and all the emotions that come with them. Hearing your stories, experiencing your bond and having the honor of witnessing your love in its rawest form.

Fun facts

I’m MASSIVELY into roller skating. Quad-style.

I love thrift and will always head to a charity shop before a department store.

Waking up on the top of a mountain is just about my favourite thing EVER.

I feel awkward when I’m the center of attention (which is why you’ll usually find me behind the lens!).

Elizabeth & Jonathan

“Hello Raphaëlle!
Thank you so much for staying later on our day!
You guys were really incredible! We also much appreciated your athletic capabilities!
We already love our photos!
Great job as usual!
Bonjour Raphaëlle! Merci beaucoup d'être restée!
Vous étiez vraiment incroyable!
On a aussi apprécié tes talents d'athlète! Haha!
On adore les photos déjà!
Great job as usual!”

Vos mots d'amour

Vos mots d'amour

Raphaelle Granger in action during a summer intimate wedding ceremony
Raphaelle Granger working on an epic veil shot for bride and groom
Raphaëlle Granger climbing on rocks to capture the perfect group picture for an intimate wedding in Upton
Raphaëlle Granger laying down in a flower field to get the perfect angle for this wedding session

Photo Adventure Bucket List


It’s a dream of mine to photograph an entire wedding in black and white, as I love the elegant and ethereal style that monochrome lends images. The awesome couple who says YES to this unconventional adventure will even receive a special gift!


As a destination wedding photographer from Quebec, I’d love to photograph a wedding in all seven continents. After that...let’s go crazy and try for every country! I offer special discounts on certain destinations, just ask!


I’ve been torn between digital and film photography ever since I picked up a camera. I learned the tools of my trade through film and I’m still madly in love with the vintage vibe that only film can achieve. However, I also love the flexibility that digital photography allows and that has become my go-to in recent years.

I would be thrilled to find a couple who share the same love for both mediums. If that sounds like you, ask for a custom ‘Back To The Future’ package for your day. (DeLorean wedding getaway car not required but very much encouraged!).

Vos mots d'amour

Vos mots d'amour

Michele & Benoît

Wow! Nous sommes très contents! Certaines images sont tout à fait percutantes.
Et, c'est une franche et agréable surprise de pouvoir voir tes photos aussi rapidement aujourd'hui. Benoit et moi tenons à te remercier sincèrement pour cet énorme travail à capter ces moments spéciaux de notre grand évènement. Nous avons énormément apprécié la qualité de ta présence dans notre univers. Je suis tellement contente que tu aies pu être des nôtres! J'aime croire au destin.