About Me

I am a lover of adventure, dreamer, artist, and slightly addicted to coffee. You'll rarely see me standing still, as I'm always on the hunt for the perfect spot, the unusual angle, the geometric lines that'll catch the eye. Give me some great light and I can get lost for hours. All-day coverages are my favorite because they let me go above and beyond for you.

It's important you find someone whose work you absolutely ADORE. But I believe it's just as important you find someone which whom you'll have a great connection, someone who will be able to bring out the best of who you are in your photos! After all your wedding day is meant to be an amazing celebration of you two!

Oh and I don't believe in recycling poses. What's talking to your couple should be yours and yours only. For that reason, you can forget about me giving extra directions or copy-paste everything's on Pinterest.

Let's be wildly authentic!

Black and white portrait of the photographer Raphaelle Granger taken in Iceland

I love


Raspberries, pens and paper, sunny days, Black Sabbath, my weird orange beanie, camping, all of the carbs, the sound of the rain, mountains, feel of old books.


My old beagle, Aurora borealis, my 35mm, adventures, film cameras, cozy spaces, road trips, ocean's smell, working in the darkroom, coffee, black and white, my pony Alistair (who's a total weirdo), treasure hunts.

More than beans and rice

My people, telling your adventures and sharing your chills, tears, joy.
Feeling all your love and getting the honor to witness your love stories for already 10 years (isn't that crazy how fast the time flies??!).

Love Notes

Jessica & Andrew

“Magnifique les photos 😍.
Merci tellement d’avoir été notre photographe.
Tu étais parfaite et j’étais tellement impressionné par ton professionalism, ta gentillesse et ton talent.
Merci encore !
Photos are stunning 😍.
Thank you so much for being our photographer.
You were perfect and I was so impressed by your professionalism, kindness and talent.
Thank you so much!”

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Raphaelle Granger in action during a summer intimate wedding ceremony
Raphaelle Granger working on an epic veil shot for bride and groom
Raphaëlle Granger climbing on rocks to capture the perfect group picture for an intimate wedding in Upton
Raphaëlle Granger laying down in a flower field to get the perfect angle for this wedding session

Photo journey Bucket List

black and white only

I dream about photographing an entire wedding in black and white. That ethereal and elegant style that monochrome gives to pictures... I simply crave it!
The courageous couple who'll say YES to that idea will even receive a special gift!

Around the world

One of my craziest wishes is to photograph a wedding on each and every continent and after that why not in *almost* every country? Special discounts on certain destinations, just ask!

Back to the future

I'm kinda torn between film and digital photography for years! I first learn film photography (even though digital was already a thing, I'm not that old) because I was madly in love with the vintage vibe that only the film can bring to images. Then, along the way, I switched to digital. And I love it too. I can't choose between one another and that being said, I would be thrilled if my couples share the same love for both media. If you do, just ask for a custom Back to the Future package for your day (you'll surely make mine)!

Let's Work Together

I am so thrilled you’re considering having me by your side for such an incredible day! The truth is your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion - The two of you are about to start the most challenging, rewarding, exciting, life-changing experience of your lives together - And choosing someone to capture that day through photography is a big decision.  For that reason, I'd love to talk with you both about your story and your wildest wedding dreams, getting to know you a little more and see if we could be the perfect fit.

So let's start talking about your adventure together and see where it might get you.

I really can't wait to getting to know you both!

Keep on dreaming, it's so fun!

-Raphaëlle xx

Pssst! Feel free to reach out in French too, I speak both.