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I have always love small gatherings and weddings. The feeling of intimacy in these events is not comparable with anything you can feel during a bigger ceremony.

I have to admit, I'm always quite sad when for X reason, my couples are telling me they'd go for a traditional wedding despite their desire for eloping. Don't get me wrong, huge parties are great but only if that's what your heart desires. Having a 160 guests celebration in order to spare everyone's feelings is what hurts me.

So here are 7 reasons why you SHOULD say YES to a micro-wedding if it's what your heart is set on.

Bride and groom eloping in parc national de la mauricie in september near the lac edouard

Number 1

To say Goodbye to useless stress.

I can't tell you how many couples are telling me they hate being the center of attention. And I totally get it: I am the same!

Having a smaller ceremony is perfect for calming down your nerves. It's time to say bye-bye to your performance anxiety and dive right into your boo's eyes.

Anyway, who wants to have such pressure on their shoulders that day?


Number 2

To slow down your day.

Every married couple will tell you that the day really FLIES! And, as cheesy as it may be, they are right.

By having an intimate wedding, you will be able to slow down - a little bit - your day. Making sure you'll have more quality time to spend with your partner and your guests if you have some.

Number 3

To treat yourselves.

Let's be honest here: getting married IS expensive. Yes, each of your priorities is worth the expense, but the reality is that you are still on a budget. The bill for only the two of you, 5 or 10 guests, is way less than what it would be if you were having 400 guests. Leaving you the possibility to really treat yourselves with what you are dying for instead of choosing with your wallet.

mariage intime dans les cantons-de-l'est, quebec, canada
afro american bride posing for her portrait session during her intimate wedding in Quebec, Canada
bride and groom eloping fonr new york to montreal, quebec, canada

Number 5

To allow yourselves to really be who you are, whether you are wild, foodies, crazy, rad, explorers, glam.

It's the perfect moment to do that crazy thing you always say you'll sometimes do.

Need some inspiration? Here are some experiences my couples from past years tried:

  • Hiking and sleeping in the mountains of beautiful Gaspésie.
  • A sailing trip and a ceremony on a private island.
  • A vow exchange on a beach with their horses.
  • Having their ceremony in a vintage tea room in downtown Montreal.
  • An outdoor ceremony followed by a gastronomic picnic brunch in the countryside.
  • Having a vow exchange on the beach and a delicious 5 courses meal with feet in the water at low tide.

Number 6

To experience a small wedding with your fav people.

You should feel free to live this moment just the two of you or with the ones you choose to share it with. Others who love you will respect your choice no matter what. If they really want your happiness, they will understand your motivations without judgment.

Choosing a micro-wedding doesn't mean ditching everyone else. You can always include your loved ones or share some pieces of your adventure with them in other ways.

You can: let them help you with the organization, ask them advice, throw a bachelor/bachelorette party, gift them prints/ albums of your day, live-stream your ceremony, host a post-wedding get-together... Possibilities are really endless.

brides walking together during their intimate forest wedding in quebec, canada
bride and groom hiding behind a palm leaf during their elopement in Mexico
bride, groom and their dog walking together during their elopement in nicolet, quebec, canada

Number 7

Because it's YOUR day. You deserve to live it the way you wish.

bride and grrom first kiss during their micro wedding ceremony at the forest and stream club, montreal, quebec

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