My wedding advice collection

So you said yes! I'm so THRILLED for you both!

But what should you know?

Over the years I spend photographing weddings and celebrations, I've collected a LOT of advice and little pieces of knowledge. So I thought I should share all of them with you in a new series of posts on the blog: Advice collection! Coming from the pros of the industry, not your Auntie Hilda (no offense Auntie). Stay tuned for more planning & wedding tips!

intimate wedding in eastern townships

Surround yourself with pros

Don't settle for some vendor because of their cheap prices without deeply loving their work and personality. I'll never say it enough, there's no such thing as a small wedding day. Every wedding IS special, no matter how many guests there are, no matter what your budget is. Make a list of your priorities and find some amazing vendors that will help you make the best of your day. #noragrets

Make a lifesaving kit

I'll address that kit in a specific post but I couldn't include that advice in the list. It's super important to have at least a minimum of life-saving items on hand when you're eloping and very useful for a small or traditional wedding. I once saw a bride rip her pants literally 5 minutes before the ceremony. And we were in the middle of nowhere in a sugar shack. Luckily we had some

thread and needle with us and they lived happily ever after.

Don't be shy

Show your joy, allow you to radiate, to shine.

By smiling and laughing, your partner and guests will also start to let their happiness shows off. It's almost as contagious as yawning.

groom getting ready in montreal

Take the time to live in the moment... before!

Before every wedding, I have a chat with my couple, and every time I tell them to take the time to breathe and savor little moments. Letting go and just enjoy those chills. If you can, with not taking the week prior to your wedding off? Go to the spa, have a great meal in your favorite restaurant, read your favorite book, chill with your pup, or have a bubble bath; Taking time for yourself will also be part of your memories. And it will make wonders on your nerves ;)

Dorval intimate wedding  bride portrait

Listen to no one but the two of you

It's your day after all. If you want to celebrate it just the two of you just do it.

Big party? YES!

Elope under the northern sky? SURE!

Small ceremony in your backyard? OF COURSE!

Have three dresses? WHY NOT?

Well, you understand, listen to nobody but you. If you try to please everyone you'll end up burned out and not enjoying this adventure as you should be.


How many times did a couple send me the form with barely enough time for me and them to get to the venue? And every time I made them double the time required to go from A to B, because you'll never know when there'll be traffic or worst construction zones (hello Quebec roads, tell the orange cones I said hi). Better be safe than sorry and keep your minds at ease knowing you'll be fine, no matter what. And if you do have more time in the end, you'll have a welcome break from the craziness of the day or just more photo time. Yay!

Bride arrival at a Montreal church

Stay hydrated

Do I really need to say more?

Drink water and if needed just throw some electrolytes in there. Your body will thank you for the day after.

Break-in your shoes

This advice is not only if you are wearing heels.

Having feet that hurt all day is never good. And it will probably make your evening resembling like a torture session. So at least one month before, walk around your house with your shoes on, practice your first dance steps, clean the house, really anything to make them comfortable.

Let it go

It may sound like a cartoon song but this is wisdom at its best. Once your big day is here, there is no more you can do, besides live it to the fullest and enjoy every second.

So let it go, let it gooooo...

Bride's details on her wedding day