Let me tell you a secret that took me years to discover

You need to stop thinking about the photos...

bride and groom doing a tasting in a vineyard in Quebec, canada

And start creating moments instead.

bride doing a first look with her father before her intimate wedding ceremony in Joliette. Quebec

As simple as it may sound, it is pretty hard to do.

We are so used worry about what will make the best photos - and that is such a natural way of thinking - that we often forget everything else. I get it; you are making a huge commitment and - let's be honest - investment with your wedding photographs. It's only normal you want to make the best out of it.

But is the best really perfect imagery?

Let me put it in other words: What do you really want to FEEL in 10, 20, or 50 years when you'll look back at your wedding photos?

Do you want to remember how annoying, overwhelming, or impersonal the moment was - even if the photos are gorgeous?

Or do you want to cherish the memories of a moment captured by a photograph?

I have a friend who was telling me she had their portrait taken on several occasions by some of the most amazing photographers in the world. Some photos of them are incredible, like I'd-put-them-on-my-walls-even-if-my-family-isn't-on-them kind of beautiful. That's right, truly magnificent work of art. But she really hated her experience during that particular photo shoot, and even though she loved the end result, she just never used any photo from that session.

Listening to her, I was talking to myself - yep, that happens a lot, means intelligence, right? - and thinking I wished I'd never-ever-ever made any clients of mine feel that way towards their photos.

Because, isn't it the point of photography: capturing a moment and making it lives forever?

What good does it make if the moment we captured isn't authentic, relatable, or unique?

Memories from that moment will only have so much value.

bride and groom hiking a mountain on their elopement wedding day with their two dogs, in quebec, canada

I always talk extensively with my clients, making sure we are looking for the same result and simply making sure we are the same people. If we can't get along, there's only no point in doing a session together; their memories won't be as epic as I want them to be.

While we talk, I love to chit-chat about everything. Of course, I wanna hear all about your wedding plans, see that gorgeous dress, that patterned bow tie, those funny custom socks. But mostly, I want to know how your Mama is doing, why did you end up choosing the name of your Boston Terrier, what's your favorite food ever, and what's your couple's weird habit no one knows about.

Then, we create the best moment for you two. Whatever it is.

Human connection is at the heart of my approach, and it is MORE, WAY more meaningful than taking the perfect picture to please my eye.

Because your wedding, your story isn't about anyone else than both of you.

So, when you will plan your wedding and schedule of the day, try to think about how you want to feel during each and every moment. How you want to live these small pieces of that journey. And make time for it to happen.

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