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Whether your an outdoorsy or indoor-cozy couple, I'm all about capturing YOUR love the way it truly is. I'm ready to: climb mountains, drink coffee, pet alpacas, go for a kayak tour, jump on my snowboard, chill on your sofa with your dog and cat. All I want is a session that screams YOU.

We often forgot to take the time to embrace moments of the daily routine, thinking they're not worth being celebrated. But they ARE. They are the essence of our lives; they made magical moments come to life. They are the beauty and the fun. 

It's moments like that that you'll want to cherish forever. The smell of morning pancakes, the song your soulmate tries to sing in the shower, the odor of fresh-baked pumpkin pie, the evening walk in your neighborhood, the look on your lover's face when you tell that particular story.Every single of these moments is part of your perfectly imperfect life. And it deserves to be reminded forever.