Surpasser vos attentes, à chaque fois.


Parles-tu uniquement français ?

Non! Je parle aussi anglais. Et j'ai fais quelques années de latin à l'école mais j'en cherche encore l'utilité.

À quel endroit es-tu située ?

J'ai grandi au Québec et j'y suis toujours basée, dans la grande région de Montréal plus précisément.

Nous sommes tous les deux vraiment mal à l'aise devant la caméra, qu'est-ce qu'on fait ?

I can PROMISE you that this time you won't! I don't work with traditional poses and methods. I strongly believe that my job is to capture who you are and your story. And that is impossible to accomplish if I ask you to be someone else. So you are allowed to dance, hug, pet your dog, speak all the time, enjoy that glass of wine... Whatever make you YOU. I can guide you with little details and advice if that's what you want but I tell you, I won't press the button if you stop living for me.

Also, I have created special feel-good playlists just to add extra fun.

What if I want to have a same-sex wedding?

Are you madly and deeply in love? Good, because that's all that matters to me.

When will I receive my photographs?

The average delivery time is 8 weeks. I usually try to deliver a little bit faster as I know how excited you are. To help you cope with the delay, I ALWAYS send a couple of sneak peeks to share with your love ones within 5 days of your wedding.

How is it to work with you?

Don't take it from me here, I have an entire testimonial page you can check to forge your own idea on that matter.

Do you work with a second shooter?

I absolutely do for weddings over 30 guests. It's already included in every package. That way we can maximize the time and work those angles! Second photographer services can also be added as extra in any other package.

Are you providing a video service too?

Videography is a totally different craftsmanship and I wouldn't even know where to start with it. But I would be super happy to provide you a list of over-talented videographers that I absolutely love working with.

How much will it cost to travel to our wedding?

You know what? It's surprisingly not that expensive. In fact, that cost is already included in the packages. So the amount you see, is what you'll pay. No surprises here.

When does the full payment need to be made?

I asked everything to be paid 1 week prior to the wedding so you won't need to worry about it on your day. Paiement plans are available.

How much is the retainer? Is it refundable?

A retainer is asked as soon as you want to make it official. It secures your date. The retainer is 1 500$ and is not refundable.

I want to have prints of my memories. Do you offer Albums?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE prints and albums. I sure do offer them! In fact, you can directly order some via your gallery. The only exception is albums. Because they are amazing heirlooms, albums are delicately designed and made by hand. Just ask for the samples and I will show you and describe them to you for as long as you want. I am so proud to carry those products.

You photographed my wedding 2 years ago and I would like to make an album now, is it still possible?

Happy 2nd wedding anniversary! Yes, it's absolutely possible. I am always over the moon to see my work printed.

I want to book, now what?

Just hit the contact button below and let me know! We set up a quick (or long) discovery call and if we are the amazing fit I think we are, we will make it official! After that, the process might vary according to your package and how you want to live your adventure. But I am always there for you, from start to finish, you can ring me up and I'll guide you.

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