Why does your adventure wedding matter so much?

Ok, here's a little personal story.

A couple of years ago, I went through boxes of old pictures at my grandparent's house. And I found my favorite photo of them EVER. As my granddad had a scientific profession, they used to travel the world a lot. That specific photo was taken during a field trip in Eastern Europe. They were visiting a zoo/circus and posing right next to a bear sitting casually on a wooden stool.

And then it hit me.

I knew almost nothing of these two unique humans being. They had a whole life they wouldn't really speak about. But they did a bunch of crazy stuff that I'd love to learn about.

In a way, photographs are magic. They allowed me to connect on another level with my family and loved ones. They allow a glimpse of a moment to live eternally, tell a story forever and ever. They are the most precious heirloom to have and pass on.

You deserve such pictures.

Bride and groom in a city staircase during their intimate wedding in Montreal city

say heck yeah to your wildest wedding & elopement dreams!

The perfect experience for you

Whether your wedding dreams are filled with never-ending hikes, helicopter rides, cozy, intimate first dance under the Icelandic stars, underwater ceremony with tropical jungle vibe, centennial castle dinner party light only by candles or selected guests, and a bunch of chocolate fountains; you deserve it.

Your wedding day should be all about you and your love, not everyone else's needs. Allow yourself the freedom and liberty to live that adventure the way you desire and OWN your day!

Pick your adventure!

Jessica & Andrew

“Photos are stunning 😍.
Thank you so much for being our photographer.
You were perfect and I was so impressed by your professionalism, kindness and talent.
Thank you so much!
Magnifique les photos 😍.
Merci tellement d’avoir été notre photographe.
Tu étais parfaite et j’étais tellement impressionnée par ton professionalisme, ta gentillesse et ton talent.
Merci encore !”

What lovers say - real weddings

What lovers say - real weddings

What lovers say - real weddings

What lovers say - real weddings

Alessandra & Scott

Dear Raphaëlle, Thank you so much for being part of our special day. We could not be more happy with the beautiful photos. We felt the love and joy of everyone around us and you captured our happiness so authentically. We look foward to sharing many more of our milestones with you in the years to come.
All of our loves.

Sophie & Fabrice

We wanted to thank you for your professionalsm, loyalty, your stunning work and your smile!
You contributed greatly to the success of our marriage.
Thanks again!
Nous tenions à te remercier pour ton professionalisme, dévouement, ton superbe travail et ton sourire!
Tu as grandement contribué au succès de notre mariage.
Merci encore!”

What lovers say - real weddings

What lovers say - real weddings

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