Real couples, real passion, real adventures

Art is personal. Raw. Primal. It touches each one of us differently, depending on where we are in our lives. Over the years, I’ve put everything into honing my skills as a storyteller and translating that creative vision into my photographs. I want your shots to transport you right back to that moment, that emotion in time. 

It could be an image of the biggest day of your life, or a simple snap of a loved one doing something completely routine. Each and every one carries meaning. In our digital era, I find there’s a beautiful sense of peace in flipping through old photo albums. I love reliving the life stories of my parents and grandparents and I try to keep the tradition alive with my own family. 

I hope I can inspire those same feelings in you!


Global elopement adventures I’ve had the pleasure of joining. Don’t ask me to pick a fave, I love them all. (Okay, if you insist, it’s Senegal.)


Years since I picked up my very first camera and got hooked. You know the rest...a neverending story of passion!


Amazing love stories I’ve had the honor of capturing on my journey so far. 


Intimate and traditional weddings I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, from over 15 different cultures and religions. 

Love Notes

Love Notes

Valerie & François

Valerie & François

We wanted to thank you for the incredible work you've done, we are so happy with our photos! And with our choice of photographer: We love everything about you.
Thanks again!
Nous te remercions de l’excellent travail réalisé, nous sommes vraiment contents du résultat!
Et de notre choix en terme de photographe : nous adorons tout de toi.
Merci encore!