love stories

Art is a personal thing that touches everyone differently. Through the years, I've worked insanely hard to find myself as a storyteller and transpose my style and creative vision in my photographs. So your memories could be as unique as you.

For a special day or just to remind you even the smallest detail of your daily routine, I believe that photographs are THE best. In our digital area, I find it very comforting and peaceful going through my parents and grand-parents photo albums and I try to keep the tradition alive with my own family.


Elopements adventures I've lived with you in over 10 incredible countries. As hard as it is to pick only one, I'll answer your burning question; Senegal is my very favorite to this day.


Years have passed since I first picked up a camera in my hands. You know the rest, it's a never-ending passionate story.


Amazing love stories I had the chance to capture thorough the years.


Intimate & traditional weddings of over 15 different cultures and religions I've happily photographed.