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When should you go dress shopping?

According to Justine, owner of Espace Blanc de Blancs, if you are shopping for your wedding dress, you should yo dress shopping 8 to 12 months before your event and 6 to 8 months if you are part of a bridal party.

If you are easily overwhelmed

Consider hiring a wedding planner.

Having a wedding planner helps you focus on what really matters: your couple and having fun! No one wants to be reminded of their wedding as a horrific and stressful event. If you are perfectly okay with handling pressure beforehand but want to have your mind free on the actual day, some planners also offer their services only for the Day Of.

What can you offer as favors?

A lot of couples are wondering what they should give to their guests on their wedding day. Yep, giving favors is part of a tradition, but you shouldn't feel guilty if you are not planning on providing some. But if you do want, here are the best ideas I have seen during years of wedding photography:

  • Epicurian olive oil
  • Plantable handwritten personalized card
  • Custom portrait by a cartoonist
  • Mini photo book

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Afraid of reading your vows in front of everyone?

Then why know have a first look, just for the two of you where you will exchange your vows alone in your love bubble? Trust me, it's amazingly good for photos.

To charge or not to charge

This is a delicate question and there's no good or wrong answer. You can decide to charge a small fee to your guests or providing everything for them. I've seen everything. As a rule of thumb, couples asking for a contribution usually charge 1/3 of the hosting event cost. That does not include any outfits costs (newlyweds and bridal party), hairstylist, makeup artist, or photo & video coverage.

You booked your venue, now what?

The venue is the first thing you should book while planning your wedding - except if you really want a special vendor to work with you, then book that person first.

After, there will be the photographer, videographer, wedding planner, DJ, and caterer. Basically, all the vendors who can't double book their services on your date.

Then it's the turn of people who can book 2 clients a day but not many more: makeup artists, hairstylist, musicians, officiant, transportation.

Finally, you can start thinking about vendors who can take more than one couple a day such as florists, pastry cook, papetry, wedding outfits.

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